Ankle-Foot Orthoses For Foot Drop (1)

Ankle-Foot Orthoses For Foot Drop!

Ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) can help patients with foot drop due to a number of different reasons. This article will cover the different types of AFOs available, including Multi-podus boot, Leaf spring, and Posterior leaf splint. Learn the different advantages and disadvantages of each type of AFO before deciding on one for yourself. This article will also describe the different types of drop foot braces, so you can make the right choice for your particular case.

Ankle-foot orthosis (AFO):

Ankle-foot orthoses (AFO) are custom-designed devices that correct foot drop in patients with neuromuscular diseases. Patients with foot drop usually experience steppage during the gait cycle and are often diagnosed with cerebral palsy or stroke. Ankle-foot orthoses help to correct foot drop, but the device can be complicated to manufacture. Computational analysis helps physicians to create the best device for each patient and is a cost-effective solution.

Multi-podus boot:

A multi-podus boot is a soft plastic-lined orthotic device that holds the ankle in a neutral position and provides ankle/foot stabilization. It is designed to prevent foot drop, pressure sores, inversion, and hypersensitive toes. Another type of orthotic device is an adjustable night splint AFO. These devices are often used to treat tight heals and conditions such as plantar flexion contracture and Achilles tendonitis.

Leaf spring AFO:

A leaf spring ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) is a prefabricated polypropylene ankle-foot orthosis. It is designed to support the toes, while its thin, flexible foot plate stretches outward to lift the foot. It is easy to trim with a heat gun. Patients with foot drop or neuropathy should consult a health care provider before using an AFO. It can only be purchased by a healthcare professional.

Posterior leaf splint AFO:

The Posterior Ankle Stability Leaf Splint is a lightweight ankle support device designed to help individuals with foot drop. It is constructed of translucent polypropylene that is lightweight, yet durable. The splint fits into almost any shoe. You can easily modify it with a heat gun or cast scissors. It can be used for patients with a variety of foot and ankle conditions, including those with foot drop.

XTERN leaf spring AFO:

The TurboMed XTERN is a revolutionary new ankle foot orthosis for patients with foot drop. Its patented design acts like an exoskeleton for the impaired limb and provides unprecedented levels of function and comfort. It is attached to the outside of the patient’s footwear, without restricting plantar flexion or dorsiflexion. It is also designed to fit on a variety of footwear, including winter and safety boots.