AFO Leaf Spring Foot Drop Brace

AFO Leaf Spring Foot Drop Brace!

The AFO Leaf Spring foot drop brace is a supportive brace, but it is not designed to prevent injury. Because of this, Ossur disclaims all liability for injuries resulting from the use of this device. The brace may cause irritation and pressure points to the skin, so users should consult their health care provider if they are uncomfortable. Patients with foot neuropathy are also not recommended to use the device.

Posterior leaf spring AFO:

The AFO Posterior Leaf Spring Drop Foot Brace is a lightweight, adjustable ankle foot orthosis designed to provide assistance with ambulation. The brace is made of orthopedic-grade thermoplastic and can be custom-trimmed or reshaped to fit an individual’s foot. This type of foot orthosis can correct a wide range of gait deviations and offers superior dorsiflexion assist and medial-lateral stability and forefoot control.

The Posterior leaf spring AFO footdrop brace has two primary functions: to reduce excessive equinus during swing, and to provide mechanical augmentation to push-off during stance. The purpose of this study was to determine the ankle’s function using computerized gait analysis. It also assessed the stance phase power-generating capacity with multiple barefoot and brace walks.


The SaeboStep leaf spring foot-drop brace is an adjustable brace designed to be worn with shoes, sandals, or slip-on footwear. Its lightweight, neoprene construction and soft interior prevent skin irritation. The open heel allows for air flow and the bendable aluminum strap adjusts the angle of the foot from eighty to ninety degrees.

The SaeboStep leaf spring foot-drop brace is a lightweight prefabricated polypropylene ankle-foot orthosis that supports the foot and ankle. Its curved design and wide main strap provides adequate ankle support. The brace’s semi-rigid foot section is designed to clear the toe. It provides ankle stability and enables users to return to their normal walking gait.


The MyQuest leaf spring foot drop brace is a comfortable support for your ankle that allows you to adjust the fit to fit your unique feet. This orthosis attaches to your shoes with three custom clips. It limits inversion while allowing you full range of motion. The MyQuest also decreases muscle atrophy and provides therapeutic support. You can buy this brace from New England Foot Drop Center for your feet.

Brace Direct:

An AFO leaf spring foot drop brace can help a person with neuromuscular degeneration walk, jog, or run with more support. While this brace is supportive, it does not prevent injury. Ultimately, the best choice for someone who needs this type of brace is to choose a pair of supportive athletic shoes. Athletic shoes that are sturdy and have removable insoles can work best. Make sure that the shoe has a solid base, and that it allows you to insert the foot plate and a padded insole over it. Also, if you choose to wear sandals, make sure to choose ones with secure straps and an opening underneath the shoe for the footplate.

AFOs come in a variety of types and styles. Your physical therapist will recommend the type of brace that is best suited to your condition. Carbon fiber AFOs are popular, due to their lightweight design and dynamic performance. For those with foot drop problems, there’s the posterior leaf spring AFO, which wraps around the back of the calf. It’s an excellent choice if you have no problems with your knee or hips.